Why put TankTechsRx in the black and gray holding tanks?

Is it really necessary to put TankTechsRx in the gray tanks too? There is actually two questions. The first is, are we really going to put the SAME product in the black and gray tank? Most gray tank products available on the market are simple deodorizers. They don’t claim to do anything else but the fact is the water in the gray tank, be it the galley or just the bathroom sinks is in every way legally and actually sewage. Because it has come into contact with people it now contains contaminates that will produce some very pungent odors. The galley tank only adds to the problem with the FOG…fat, oil, and grease plus the inevitable mold that is introduced to the tank. This combination makes the gray tank a definite health risk. TankTechsRx is the only product that was specifically designed to consume the FOG and mold in the tank removing the odor without a chemical deodorant. We use the exact same product because both tanks have the exact same problem and ingredients, one is just more dense than the other. The stuff washed down the galley sink is just the unprocessed version of what got flushed int the black tank. The standard is (with the exception of a small amount of cleaning products and toilet paper) if you did not or could not eat it, don’t flush it down the toilet or wash it down drain. That answers the second question too. Should the galley and or gray tank be treated? YES, it is the same thing with the same basic problems, except the galley odors will enter the coach easier than the black tank. Definitely treat the gray and galley tanks but they can be treated differently with TankTechsRx than the black tank. See FAQ Gray tank problems: mold and grease in the galley tank to see how. It’s worth the time if you want to leave the gray valve open.

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