Why sewage is better than clean water with Forget About It For Boats.

Forget About It For Boats is a living blend of patented probiotic bacteria that consume organic waste. It is most effective when the organic waste commonly found in a boat holding tank is present. In an effort to clean the sensors and upper walls of the tank some boaters fill the tank with clean water after adding Forget About It For Boats. This is unhelpful and unnecessary. For the microbes to be most effective they need food to eat. Food for the microbes only exists from using the Head, not clear water. The best practice is to use the head normally and let it fill normally, even over a long period of time. The solid deposits on the side walls and sensor rods will still be affected by the new off gassing that will soften them. Think of it as pre cleaning. When the tank level does reach the top, the solids and struvite are already breaking down and softening allowing the higher water level to clean faster and easier. In short, Forget About It For Boats was designed to eliminate headaches, so don’t be afraid Use your head and let Forget About It For Boats do all the work.