Why you should use your head.

You really should feel free to USE YOUR HEAD on your boat. There’s no need to cut the trip short because someone needs to use the head. Many boaters tell us they are hesitant to use the head on the boat because it is small and they do not like the boat smelling like an outhouse. They also state they don’t like to take the time to pump and rinse it at the end of the trip. Here’s some good news, YOU CAN USE YOUR HEAD on your boat whenever you want without worrying about odors or pumping out all the time. Forget About It For Boats will eliminate the odor and the necessity for pumping out at the end of the trip. As a matter of best practice, it is now recommended that you do NOT PUMP OUT at the end of the trip when using Forget About It for Boats. Why? Because the probiotic microbes will do a better job of cleaning and removing head odor than hours of rinsing would do. Just leave the probiotic microbes to do their job of eliminating sludge and odor. When it is time pump out to gain capacity, only water will be left to pump. To be clear, the tank only needs to be pumped out when it is full and never needs rinsing. It sounds crazy and that is the opposite of every other product on the market, but that is the way it works best. By NOT rinsing the tank, the mature mother culture in Forget About It for Boats is always cleaning, always ready for the next trip.

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