Will salt affect Forget About It For Boats?

To conserve the fresh water supply, some Marine Sanitation Devices draw “raw” water through the hull into the head for flushing. Raw Saltwater will contain all manner of sea life and organics that will get trapped in the line and die. The result is a strong unpleasant odor on the first pump after a long period between flushes. Regular use of the head prevents this but unless the boater lives on board, it is likely to happen at the start of each new voyage. The solution is simple. Before you leave port, pump and flush the head once. That should eliminate the problem. If Forget About It For Boats is already in the holding tank it will treat the raw water just like it does any other effluent, consuming the solids and odors keeping the tank healthy. Sea Salt is one of the food ingredients in Forget About It For Boats so a little seawater is just more food! Because seawater contains a lot of minerals and calcium some manufactures recommend running a pint of vinegar through the system once a month to dissolve the mineral deposits that are building up on the joker valve and pump seals. It is always best practice to follow the manufactures instructions to ensure optimal performance. Forget About It For Boats will dissolve any struvite buildup that the vinegar will leave behind.

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